Privacy Policy And GDPR Compliance

Lisa Gupta, an Educational Psychologist, is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy following the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR.

Your Data

Collecting contact details and personal data

This is done by email (name, email address, phone number). Contact details are stored in encrypted EP report/consultation record software. They are only collected to write an Educational psychologist report/consultation record. Any inaccuracies in contact details will be corrected. Contact details are not given to any third parties.

Data protection and educational psychology service

Consent – Parents/legal guardians must sign a consent form for any mainstream school–based work. An electronic copy of this form will be kept in the CYP electronic folder.

Withdrawal of consent and deletion of personal data

The parent/legal guardian can withdraw permission for EP involvement at any time by email. If consent is removed, the CYP’s electronic folder will be deleted.

EP report/consultation record

After working with the CYP, the school/parent will receive a hard and soft copy of the report (PDF). A copy of the information is kept in the CYP folder.

Related CYP documentation

All associated documents given to the EP are shredded once the report is finalised with the school/parents/legal guardians.

Retention of CYP records

CYP records will be kept up till August 2026.

Confidentiality statement

All work undertaken is confidential. Information is only shared with the specific consent of the parent/legal guardian. Further details regarding confidentiality can be found in the British Psychological Society Practice Guidelines and August 2017.

Where personal data is stored

Any paperwork relating to the CYP before the completion of the report is stored in a lockable safe. Files are backed up on an encrypted external hard disk every three months and kept in a password-protected safe. Email correspondence is sent from Microsoft Outlook, which is password-protected.

Your right to access information

You can request the CYP Educational Psychology report/consultation record.

Changes to the privacy policy

Any changes to the privacy policy will be posted on this page in the future.

Data controller

The data controller is Lisa Gupta. The expertise of data protection consultations has been used when developing privacy policies and IT solutions.

Other Services

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