Unlocking Your Child's Potential with Educational Psychology Assessments

Lisa Gupta offers in-depth Educational Psychology Assessments, designed to identify your child's strengths and challenges, providing a roadmap for tailored interventions and support.

Unlocking Your Child's Potential with Educational Psychology Assessments

An Educational Psychology Assessment with Lisa Gupta is far from daunting; most children find the process enjoyable! 

These assessments aim to understand your child's needs through a variety of methods, including

The Goal: A Relaxed and Comfortable Child

The initial minutes of the assessment are used to help your child feel at ease, often through drawing or discussing their interests. Assessments are broken down into manageable segments, allowing for breaks and ensuring the child remains engaged. Some children even describe the tasks as game-like!

Post-Assessment: A Detailed Report

A comprehensive report is shared with parents and schools upon completion, offering actionable insights and recommendations for the child’s educational journey.”

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Positive Changes in Small Steps

Lisa champions the philosophy of ‘Positive Changes in Small Steps,’ focusing on incremental progress to achieve lasting impact in children’s educational and emotional development.

Client Experiences

Honest Reviews from My Clients

Our client testimonials offer honest insights into the transformative impact of Lisa’s services, showcasing real-life success stories that attest to her expertise and compassionate approach.

Nikee Cristie

Milton Keynes

When we needed to understand more about our son’s difficulties with some aspects of his school work, Lisa spent time with our son, myself and the school to get an all-round understanding of his needs. What was even more important for us though was that she provided recommendations as to how we could help him going forwards.
Previous Client


Lisa was pivotal to our son’s successful transition to secondary school. Lisa listened to our concerns and gave us constructive strategies to use at home, which really helped. She also produced a written report for school and liaised with staff ensuring that they understood our son’s needs and how to meet them. Our son wouldn’t have had such a positive start to Secondary School without Lisa’s expertise and guidance.

Have questions before getting started?

If you have questions before embarking on your journey with Lisa, we encourage open dialogue to ensure you’re fully informed and comfortable with the process ahead.